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The graph below displays challenges. Core challenges are at the center, their sub-challenges are radiating outwards. Challenges with greater impact are darker. Note that some sub-challenges might appear multiple times because they address several different other challenges. Mouse-over/tap-and-hold to see quick info at the bottom, click/tap to navigate to detail page.

Recent comments

  • Thomas on Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the EA Austria / EA Vienna organisationThe model of asigning dedicated roles to members hasn't been particularly fruitful - with the exception of the monthly rotating organiser. As was discussed in a meeting in late August 2019, the most promising structure (at least at this particular stage of the EA Austria group) that a) takes into account members' motivation and time constraints, b) allows for self-coordination of subgroups even if the project doesn't receive a majority vote, c) allows for individual initative - appears to be a project based approach. It seems to be more accessible and well-received (viz. EA retreat & video project.) from an...
  • Thomas on Maintaining and growing the local Austrian EA communityReasons for maintaining are self-evident. Reasons for growing: a) can initiate more projects b) can provide more diverse interpersonal help via a wider range of skills c) allow for more points of view d) snowball/critical mass effect of reaching more ppl e) allows for development of closer friendships with subgroups of similar interest Reasons against growing: a) more difficult to coordinate, particularly more communal structure necessary b) cumbersome recruitment processes c) need to be careful to uphold group harmony (Just to obviate any doubt, I'm fully in favour of expansion.)

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