The AI Strategies project aims to analyze the ‘big picture’ of how the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence can be utilized most effectively and safely to accelerate scientific, technological and societal progress.

Please note that this website is currently just a research prototype.

Our major goals are to:

  • Achieve a novel and more complete conceptualisation of this problem space
  • Identify gaps and bottlenecks and formulate mitigation strategies
    • E.g., missing knowledge, data, AI capabilities, benchmarks
  • Identify synergies
    • Synergies between groups and stakeholders (better connect domain needs to AI expertise)
    • Synergies between AI development tasks (transfer learning etc.)
  • Identify risks
    • Greater use of AI and greater AI capabilities come with various kinds of risks
    • Formulating mitigation strategies
  • Compare opportunities for radical change vs. incremental change
    • Power-law distribution of effects of innovations (only a few innovations responsible for most of progress)
    • Overall tractability and scalability substantially different between different routes of innovation
    • Example: AI for clinical decision support vs. drug development vs. basic biological research vs. biological research methodology development vs. multi-purpose tool for information retrieval and analysis
  • Build a community and inform policy decisions

Topology of challenges (use mouse over, click for details):